What's My Next Action

Letter of Inquiry

You have received an invitation to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to the Maclellan Foundation. The LOI is the entry step in our grant making process. It allows us to determine if you are a potential funding match. If your Letter of Inquiry is accepted, we will invite you to submit a full request for funding. We have prepared a list of questions and resources that will help you as you prepare your Letter of Inquiry.

Granting Guidelines

While there are many wonderful projects, we are only able to fund a small number of them. We partner with grantees that align with our values and purpose.

Process and Preparation

As the entry step into the grant request process, the LOI is an abbreviated application giving us a succinct look at your project. As you prepare your LOI, we invite you to use the resources below to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over time, we have gathered questions raised by applicants at the Letter of Inquiry stage. Read below to find answers to frequently asked questions.