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Prepare a great proposal

A project should address a real need or problem, and solutions are rarely easy or straightforward.  Learn more about how to form an approach that considers the need, idea, strategy, and organization necessary for creating a viable, impactful solution.




Enthusiasm and altruism are valuable components to any project, yet they are not enough. Creating a strong, sustainable, and strategic project requires careful planning, vision, and work. 

In our experience, strong projects:

  • Fit clearly with the mission of the organization
  • Address a clearly defined purpose or problem
  • Have a clear plan for meeting the problem
  • Have clearly defined goals and methods for measuring success
  • Partner with others rather than duplicate their work
  • Have a plan for financial sustainability




If you have done all of your project planning and are ready to start your LOI, preparation is key to writing an effective proposal. You will need to be able to succinctly convey the purpose, value, and projected outcomes of your project. 

Proposals that get our attention:

  • Align clearly with our strategy and fit within our parameters
  • Clearly address a need
  • Clearly identify the strategy for addressing the need
  • Are specific rather than generic
  • Have a plan for measuring progress and success
  • Are honest and realistic
  • Are not exaggerated or too broad