Grantees Resource

What are the required request attachments?

As you prepare your attachments, here are some additional guidelines and fillable templates that you are welcome to use. If you choose to use a different format, please make sure all of the requested information is included. 

* If you are applying as a Fiscal Sponsor or Subsidiary, please visit this page to learn which additional attachments you will need.

Please make sure you include the overall project costs as well as a column showing the portion that you would like Maclellan to fund. If you are requesting general operating support, not project-based support, please include a one-year Organizational Budget in lieu of the Project Budget. Click the button above to access a fillable Project Budget.


Please include two years of actuals and one year of projections, giving sufficient detail on the income and expenses arranged categorically by type. Add in any additional line items that may be needed. Here are the main categories and definitions:

  • Total Support Income: all of an organization’s revenue, from any source – except for any money it gets from sales or services related to carrying out its charitable purpose
  • Exempt Function Income: admissions or fees for services that further a charitable purpose
  • Indirect Costs: also known as Overhead or Administrative Expenses are those costs that are not directly attributable to the specific project/program, but which are necessary to the operation of the grantee.
  • Direct Costs: costs that can be attributed specifically to the execution of the proposed project/program.


Please provide a list of your top ten donors, including their name, amount, and type. If your privacy policy does not permit disclosing names of donors, please list them anonymously along with the amounts and type. Submit this attachment as a .pdf only.


Please provide a list of your Board of Directors, including their names, position on the board, occupation, and donation amount to the organization in the last fiscal year.  If your policy does not allow for disclosure of donation amounts, please list the aggregate giving of board members, as well as the number of board members that give.